Biggest Shrimp Ever Caught – How Big Were The Shrimps?

When we think of large shrimp or prawns we do not think about these monsters. What are the biggest shrimp ever caught? See how big these shrimps were right here. I love to eat these tasty crustaceans. But I have never see a prawn quite this big before.

Video: Top 5 Biggest Shrimps Ever Caught

You gotta see this video. It shows an awesome list of some of the biggest shrimps ever caught around the world. I bet shrimp lovers would love to cook up these huge prawns and dig in with hot melted butter and garlic. Am I right?

  1. 10 inch long shrimp caught in East Bay, Panama City, Florida
  2. 12 inch long shrimp caught in St. John’s River, ¬†Florida
  3. 12 inch Black Tiger Shrimp caught in 210 feet of water off of Louisiana
  4. 16 inch long Black Tiger Shrimp caught off the coast of Columbia
  5. 18 inch Mantis like shrimp off of Florida

Where Can You Catch the World’s Biggest / Largest Shrimp?

As you may guess, the Gulf of Mexico has provided some of the largest shrimps ever seen. In the video you will see picture and photos of these huge prawns. It is no surprise that the gulf waters off the State of Florida have been the location of these catches.

Typically, the largest shrimp caught would average a couple of ounces in weight each. These monsters in the video show 5 shrimp that may run 4 to 8 ounces in weight each. Maybe more.

Biggest Shrimp Ever Caught in the World?

Now, you know that there were certainly some of the largest and maybe even bigger shrimp around the world that were never documented.

This makes me hungry, how about you?