Lobster Claws for Sale

lobster claws

Did you know that you can order Lobster Claws caught in the cold waters of the North Atlantic? These delicious sweet meat claws are selected from jumbo hard shell claws and are for sale now. They are pre-cooked and quick frozen to retain all of the natural flavors and freshness.

Your order will come with cold-water lobster claws from the North Atlantic that are ready to prepare. The sizing is approximately 7 to 8 claws per pound. Try them a top tasty salads or gently steamed and dunked in warm butter for an amazing meal.

These fresh Maine lobster claws are packed with sweet meat and ready to enjoy. They come with an empress cut, which means that the lower shell is already removed for your convenience. Experiment with your own culinary creations.

Make your order today and experience a real treat.