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The Crab Place ships the freshest Maryland blue crabs available. If your mouth waters at the sight of fiery orange crustaceans piled high on a table spread with newspaper, then you have to check out this website. You can order bluecrab already steamed and seasoned to spicy perfection, or get them live to prepare according to your own family recipe. Start your blue crab feast now.

maryland hard blue crabsMaryland blue crabs are the bay's most sought after delicacy.

You can order crabs from us steamed or live. Our steamed crabs come with light, medium, heavy or no seasoning. Steamed hard bluecrabs can be eaten cold or reheated. Check for handling and preparation instructions.

• Colossal Male Hard Crabs
Our colossal hard crabs measure 6 ½" and up. Hard crabs are measured from shell-point to shell-point.

• Premium Male Hardcrabs
Our premium hard crabs measure 5 ¾" to 6 ½".

• Dozen Hardcrabs Steamed

• Or Live
Half Bushel
Approx. 2½ Dozen Steamed

• Or Live
Approx. 5 Dozen

The crabs are caught daily fresh from the Maryland Chesapeake Bay. Bad weather will keep sane crabbers off the water and lucky crabs out of the pots. In the winter months especially, it is best to check to see if bluecrabs are available.

They try as hard as they can to reduce shipping costs for their customers. They offer discounted weekday shipping to some parts of the United States. They ship the freshest crabs available.

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