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The Crab Place ships the freshest Maryland softshell blue crabs available. Start your feast now.

soft shell crabsMaryland softshell blue crabs are the bay's most sought after delicacy.

The softshell crabs is a customer favorite.

Crabs fatten up to make it through the process of molting, leaving soft shell crabs intensely flavorful. Soft crab lovers will appreciate that ours are cleaned, frozen and ready for the frying pan. When that salty sweet, tender crispy softshell crab craving hits you and you just have to have a soft crab sandwich or else. We ship the freshest crabs available.

• 6 inch +

• Jumbo (5.5 - 6 in.)

• Prime (5 - 5.5 in.)

• (4.5 - 5 in.)

Soft-shell crabs are crabs that have just molted. Crabs fatten up to make it through the molt, rendering the softshellcrab intensely flavorful. They harden up in a matter of only a few days, making them a special delicacy. Although they require refrigeration, they ship very satisfactorily.

To prepare soft-shell crabs, wash them and place them face down on a cutting board. Make an incision just back of the eyes and cut out the face. Lift the tapering points on each side of the back shell to remove the sandbag and the spongy gills. Turn the crab on its back and with a pointed knife remove the small pointed apron at the lower part of the shell. Since the shell is edible, these crabs are usually broiled or breaded and sautéed. Use the shortest possible cooking period and serve at once.

To prepare the crabs for cooking, combine ¼ cup soft butter, 2 tablespoons lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne, and a pinch of pepper. Roll the crabs in the butter mixture, then flour them lightly. Place them on a broiling rack, 2 inches from the heat. Broil them for about 10 minutes, turning once. Or, sauté them in butter over moderate heat.

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