Sweet Langostino Lobster Meat – 2 Pounds

Sweet Langostino Lobster Meat

You can now enjoy delectable juicy nuggets of sweet Langostino Lobster meat at home whenever you want. The beautiful looking tails are fully cooked when they arrive in the overnight package and ready for you to add to your favorite recipe. One of the best ways I like to serve and eat these tasty little morsels is over some al dente pasta with butter and garlic. Oh yea! If you are watching your calorie intake, you can certainly come up with several different ways to serve this delicious treat.

You can also just warm up some of these Langostic lobster tail nuggets and dunk them in butter, or if you want to stay more healthy with your food, serve over the top of your favorite salad.

  • ASIN#: B0036Q8WSW 

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